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Summer 2021

University of Leeds Ladies’ Club

Monthly Newsletter     -   June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of the monthly newsletter which I hope you will enjoy reading.  


The Club Secretary, Gillian Roche has sent in the following information on Scam emails and telephone calls and how to keep safe from the Scammers.

Scams and how to avoid them 


Many of us will have had occasion to think that an email or a phone message didn't look or sound right and, hopefully, have ignored them. One of our members was wondering if we might invite a speaker to talk to us on the topic of scams, given the fact that there are so many new scams around because of the pandemic. It may not be easy to find a speaker but in the meantime Age UK and Citizens Advice are on the ball. 




Check if something might be a scam - Citizens Advice


The Age UK web page is particularly useful as it lists all the different types of scams including identity theft, mail and doorstep scams. 


And here is the National Cyber Security Centre webpage for dealing with and reporting any suspicious emails, phone calls or text messages .


Dealing with suspicious emails, phone calls and text messages - NCSC.GOV.UK



Book Group 2

The Book Group met on Thursday 24th June 2021 and Chris Roy has sent the following report.

Six of us managed to meet for our June meeting to have our much-postponed discussion of A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.  It was a shame that Carole was still trapped in beleaguered Bolton and we hope that she will soon be permitted to join civilisation again!  Tina was also missed but was hopefully enjoying her day out at Ripley.

Although it is some time since most of us had read the book, we mostly agreed that it had been an enjoyable read. Thanks to Jean who introduced the book, reminding us of plot and characters and providing some historical and cultural background.  This enabled an interesting discussion.  We mostly agreed that it had been a good book to have read.  We had found the characters interesting and (for the most part) convincing.  Several of the incidents were amusing and we agreed that the proposed film will probably focus on many of these.  The Count was thought to be a sympathetically presented character and there was some admiration of his ability to adapt and survive.  Some reservations were discussed.  For example, as with so many American novels it was just too long and drawn out.  (Where are their editors over there in the USA?).  There was some doubting of the historical accuracy of some parts and we felt it did portray a very privileged aspect of Russian life at what was a dark and dreadful period of their history.  However, an interview with the author did make clear that this was his intention and did cite evidence that the Metropole Hotel was such an island of privilege at that time.

According to my sources (i.e. Google!) the idea of a film has been abandoned in favour of a limited series of about 16 hours produced by and starring Kenneth Branagh and directed by Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders and War and Peace).  It seems it will be on one of the streaming services.

Candy has read Towle’s earlier book, Rules of Civility and recommends it as a good read.  Amor Towle’s next book is published in October 2021 and is called The Lincoln Highway.  It is set in 1950s America and is about two brothers venturing across America to New York.

Thanks to Candy for hosting us and for the exceedingly fine yoghurt cake.


News of Members.

Congratulations:  We send belated Congratulations to our Vice-Patron, Mrs Margaret Roberts and her husband, Colonel Alan Roberts, on the occasion of their 65th Wedding Anniversary on 19th May. 


Deaths:  Sadly we have to report the death of a former member, Mrs Margaret Goldie, who has died at the age of One Hundred.  Margaret Goldie was the wife of Professor Goldie, a former head of The Mathematics Deprartment at the University.  She was a member of the Ladies' Club for many years and will be sadly missed. Her funeral took place in Leeds on Wednesday 9th June but due to Covid restrictions the numbers allowed to attend were limited and the Ladies’ Club were not able to send a representative to pay the respects of the Club as we would have wished.  However, President Moira sent the family a message of Sympathy on behalf of the University of Leeds Ladies' Club.


Other news:  I am pleased to report that President Moira continues to make good progress following her recent operation on her ankle and Gill Lydon is continuing to improve during her ongoing treatment.


Quiz Results

I have had some feedback from members for the June Quiz and congratulations are due to all those quizzers who took part.  I hope you enjoyed the quiz.  The next quiz, will be going out on 16th July and will be another from the Tabbron stable.  If anyone has a quiz they would like to submit I would be delighted to hear from them.


And finally

Advanced Notice:   In the fervent hope that Covid restrictions will be lifted on 19th July, Gill Lydon has kindly offered the use of her garden for an informal summer ‘picnic’ at a date yet to be decided in late July or early August.  She has sent a note to everyone with details of what she is planning and hopes that as many as possible will feel able to attend. Further details will be sent out when the situation regarding the Covid restrictions is made clearer and when arrangements have been finalized.


From Gill Lydon:    Hello everyone


I would be happy to hold a picnic in our garden for members, sometime during late July or early August, dependent on the weather forecast nearer the time  (as discussed and agreed at the last committee meeting).  As COVID regulations stand at the moment, this would be for a maximum of 30 people on a first to apply basis - no minimum number. I’d give a few days notice (this note is just an early warning) but just to give you some idea.....each person to bring their own plate, cutlery, cup + saucer (mug??) glass, napkin and food plus you might like to bring a little extra to share?  I would supply tea, sugar, lemon, coffee, hot water, elderflower cordial plus all teapots.  You would need to wear a mask if going into the house ie for hot water or to the bathroom. I think we can provide enough chairs + tables plus even the odd tablecloth!  It would good to meet up as a group, I do miss you all.


Best wishes




I hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter. The next newsletter will be sent out on 31st July by which time I hope that we will be relieved of all the restrictions which have plagued us in the last 18 months.  If you have any items for inclusion please could you let me have them by no later than 28th July.


Take Care and Keep Safe